The demand for nurses continues to increase. Earn your nursing degree online.

The Grantham University School of Nursing provides registered nurses with additional knowledge and skills in areas of leadership, community concepts, research and evidence-based professional nursing practice related to current trends and issues in today’s global society. This is done through the innovative use of online learning tools and curriculum designed to meet the demands of today’s healthcare industry. The School of Nursing offers a RN to BSN Degree Completion Program, a RN to MSN Bridge Program, and a Master of Science – Nursing degree with four specialty areas.

  • Frequent course starts
    Because Grantham’s courses begin on a monthly basis, you won’t have to wait for the semester to end or for a new enrollment period to begin in order to start your next course.
  • 100% online degree programs
    With Grantham’s 100% online degree programs, access to your coursework when and where it is convenient for you makes earning a degree possible regardless of your work hours.
  • Transfer credits
    Grantham will review prior college coursework, military and professional training for transfer credit to ensure that you are that much closer to earning your degree.
  • Scholarships, grants and payment options
    Grantham offers a variety of scholarships, tuition grants and payment plans for military, civilian and federal employees. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

To learn more, fill out the form and an admissions representative will contact you. You may also receive emails about our degree programs, tuition options, and, if applicable, enrollment process.